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Bachcast Episode 19: Concerto, BWV 1060


Of Bach’s concertos, we have a double concerto for two harpsichords that has also been convincingly arranged for violin and oboe; since one is an arrangement, you will see them both listed as BWV 1060. The oboe and violin version is sometimes labeled 1060R or 1060a. The arrangements have not stopped at a single string and woodwind; the Academy of Ancient Music has recorded this concerto as a double violin concerto and among the more esoteric versions, Richard Galliano has performed the concerto on accordion with violin. The concerto’s strong themes seem to work in any one of these combinations.

Typical of Bach’s concertos (excluding some of the Brandenburg Concertos), it’s written in three movements, following an Italian model, fast-slow-fast. The outer movements, written in a minor mode, are energetic and rich with invention. The middle movement is rendered in a major mode, with a delicious melody that gets exchanged between the two soloists with bass. It’s one of Bach’s gems.

Recordings Featured:

By the sheer number of recordings that have entered my collection, this is no doubt a popular work.

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