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Bachcast 48: Trio Sonata BWV 1037

Show Notes

What was Bach's connection to this trio sonata? We might be suspicious about Bach's authorship for a number of reasons, including that Bach hadn't published a collection of sonatas for two violins and continuo. But Johann Gottlieb Goldberg did write trio sonatas. And both men, over time, have been credited with the authorship of this trio sonata, BWV 1037.

In this podcast I highlight some different readings, particularly enjoying the stylistic edge offered by Amadine Beyer and musicians of Gli Incogniti. It's my favorite reading thus far.

Featured Recordings:

  • The Rare Fruits Council, Bach Trio Sonatas; Astree
  • Bach Sonatas en Trio, London Baroque; Harmonia Mundi
  • BWV... or Not?, Gli Incogniti; Harmonia Mundi
  • Bach French Suites, Ignacio Prego; Cantus
  • Goldberg Chamber Music, Musica Anlta Ripa; MDG Gold

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