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Bachcast 53: Concerto(s) for 2 Soloists, BWV 1043 and 1062

Bach penned two versions of a concerto for two soloists: 1043 for two violins in D minor and 1062 for 2 harpsichords in C minor. The transition likely is to accommodate the compass of the keyboard instruments.

It's believed the violin version preceded the one for two harpsichords. We listen to a variety of performances and settle on liking ones where the character between soloists is clear enough to differentiate the musical dialog taking place between the two solo parts.

Featured performances from:

  • The Academy of Ancient Music (Harmonia Mundi)
  • The English Concert (DG Archiv)
  • Café Zimmermann (Alpha)
  • Freiburg Baroque Orchestra (Harmonia Mundi)
  • Red Priest
  • Musica Amphion (Brilliant Classics)

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