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Scroll Bars Should Not Disappear

Maybe I'm growing into an old curmudgeon, but I recently have to take issue with websites that eliminate support for scroll bars and scrolling in a "computer" browser. Case in point today is the new Bach Collegium Japan website. To be fair, there are other offenders too, including Apple, that I've discovered while at work.

I use a MacPro at home and in the office with Apple's "Mighty" mouse product. I don't have this problem when using their newer "Magic Mouse" as it has a built-in, function-forward design. But my older Mighty Mouse, despite its little wheel, doesn't work in both directions. Having seen now three different mice exhibit the same behavior (even after vigorous cleanings), I know part of the problem could be solved by simply upgrading to a working mouse.

But here's my point: Websites (and the browsers that display them) shouldn't require us to have scroll-wheel mice. When did having a scroll wheel mouse (or trackpad) become the de-facto standard? I also blame Mac OS X that has removed the scrollbars (I have them displayed as an option) from windows, but even more detrimental, are the scrolling widgets at the top and bottom of a scrolling area on a window. Without a scrolling mouse or trackpad, you're left dead in the water.

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