I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

Care Charming Sleep

Yes, an odd mix, and this is not like Swingle Singers Bach or Jacques Loussier piano jazz, either. The instruments, and the voice of John Potter combine to suit the music in effective, just ways. Quite simply, this is a testament of excellent musicians grouping together for some music that has been belittled in modern times—we could say left behind. Yet, something greater emerges as a modern rendition is relived. Dowland Project This collection contains gentle pieces that fit the mood, as suggested by the title. Pre-bed time songs, perhaps, but ever so dark and serious, yet tantalizingly sweet. You can’t help but twist your head just so as you listen, and smile at the pleasure that affords you with the sensual gift of sound. That’s quite a laud, but this is the real thing. Favorite track: 13, a combination of Stubb’s own chiccone pattern that leads into a Monteverdi aria. The Dowland Project records works by Monteverdi, di Rore, Johnson, Purcell, and Stubbs (p) 2003 ECM New Series. I first reviewed this recording in October of 2004. It is a real favorite. Most highly recommended. The musicians enjoy themselves here, and the dark mood is infectious. Works really well with the volume high and the lights low.

Chanticleer - Live

Biber: Mystery Sonatas by John Holloway