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Handel: Op. 4 Organ Concertos

Simon Preston plays historic organs with Pinnock's English Concert on Handel's Op. 4 Organ Concertos. Handel Organ Concertos - the English Concert This is an oldie for me... an early unit in my collection. Has it ever been reviewed by me? Likely not. It was recorded in a historical instrument museum instead of the typical studio, and the sound quality has always suffered because of it. The ultimate concerto from the set, a harp concerto, has a completely different flavor, regarding the recording. It's also a rather forward-sounding work (more like Haydn, perhaps?) and is a nice contrast to an heavily-tempered organ that Preston is forced to play. My overall reaction to the set is not good. The organ playing is fine, although I've heard more pleasing instruments in my day. The string players are tidy enough, but their playing lacks passion and seems too carefully staged when Handel's otherwise excellent writing seems to demand it. My favorite concerto, the #3 in G minor, lacks the palpable playing that demands some nuance. I am not sure how the CD could be improved. The EC in these years always played with a regular tempo, and they are a better sounding ensemble with help from the hall's acoustic. As a comparison, I have heard the organ concertos as recorded by the Brandenburg Consort. None of the collections is superlative. I prefer some of the style of the EC, and the recorded sound of the BC. I am not sure if this release is available; if so, it's at discount. Not a biberfan favorite.

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