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Wireless/HiFi Hell

Of late, I've cried over the poor performance of my hi-fit setup. I lament the fact that fixing a Mac is far easier than diagnosing audio problems. * The network connection is cutting out * The right speaker is "shorting out" from time to time, usually around softer passages * Timing glitches The network is a problem that doesn't help anything. I'm using Airport Express + (original) Airport Extreme. I have to put them in B/G mode because I have some "B" only 802.11 machines. I have also been playing with "multicasting" whatever that is, from "1" to "11." The higher choice seemed better, then it was dropping out again. The cordless phones in the house don't help, and having 5-6 neighbors with wi-fi only makes it all the more difficult. Might a new Apple "n" series Extreme unit help? Okay, I just switched to "G only" to see if this provides any bonus. The right speaker issue likely has little to do with the network. Problem is, the issue is difficult to pin-point. * Speaker Crossover problem? * Speaker wire? * Integrated amplifier? * Source interconnects? The amplifier and speaker cable are the oldest components. I re-fastened the cables to the right speaker today, I definitely got a better fit. But then the problem came back. I have speaker wires upstairs in my second set-up, but swapping those out to test is a big deal... as they don't have the proper connections on the ends and getting them back on would be a whole day's affair. If it's the speaker that's bad; man... I have only had them for one year. I don't want to have to ship it back to England, or even drive it back to Charlottesville. Could it be the DAC I just got back? The timing issue has been gone tonight, at least. It was there earlier in the day... when it sounds as if all the streamed bits don't arrive in order, or something. I figured this might be an issue with the network. Funny thing, when I was getting the timing issues, I was streaming from upstairs downstairs through iTunes. When I switched, and directly sent the content from upstairs to downstairs (using VNC), the problem manifested as drop-outs, not timing errors. Any advice out there? Again, when I split the speakers on the amp... and balance-out the left, only hearing the right, it can be okay... then it will drop out. Or sound "scratchy" like a bad electrical connection.

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