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Speaker Placement

Recently, while contemplating what might be improved in my hi-fi setup, I considered moving some furniture. I had read that having something between speaker can affect performance. That advice is indeed correct. Speakers I'm learning Google Sketchup, and decided to model what I'm talking about. Looking at hi-fi set-ups online from places like Audiogon, where folks are uploading pictures of their setups, makes me gasp. Too many folks are putting speakers too close to walls, and some are not using toe-in. I've demonstrated toe-in in the graphic, above. It's where you angle the speakers inward, towards the listener. You can see what I'm referring to, here: Speakers 2 So, the triangle design defines your listening space. The point of the triangle defines a so-called "sweet spot," where imaging happens, the channels converge, and your ideal vantage point lies in the room. I have seen changes in adjusting toe-in levels (angle) before. But a big, comfortable leather chair has been positioned between the two speakers. And this, I feel, has introduced a problem. The sense of a three-dimensional space that can be achieved with 2-channel stereo was mostly lost. What happened when I moved the chair further back, and the speakers forward? It was like getting a whole new stereo! I am talking a change in mere inches. The whole presentation of sound was richer, more focused, and musically, more satisfying. For the lack of a better word, I'd say there was more synergy. I know that means nothing... but it sounded now like the two speakers were working together to produce music, not mere sound. I have read folks who say that speaker placement and room treatment changes can be more profound than upgrades in cables and equipment. And now I believe it. Speakers 3 I had fun creating this model. I modeled the speakers after my B&W 703s; it's not exact, of course, as the 703 has 4 drivers and a bass port, but I never intended to get this close. I should have painted my sofa red, its real color, too.

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