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Un concert pour Mazarin

Ensemble La Fenice records Un concert pour Marazin with Philippe Jaroussky. Mazarin I once saw this CD at Tower Records. By the time I realized that it contained the violin talents of Enrico Onofri, I went back only to find it all sold-out (or removed). I recently procured the recording, featuring not only Onofri on violin, but the directing of Jean Tubéry and the singer (countertenor) Philippe Jaroussky. One of the more famous tracks is the Sancta Maria from Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610. Somehow, I feel the chorus is actually Jaroussky and the recording engineers. If so, I don't care, he makes a very nice recording of this work. His voice soars about the chorus, with nice lutework underneath. Then there are the instrumental works... such as the Canzon per Cornetto e Violino by Viadana, or the Turini sonata a 3 sopra la Monica. While the recording doesn't best his Anno 1630, Onofri is on fire again, matched many times with Tubéry on cornetto in a very convincing early Italian style. This is music with verve and style. Great stuff. I find the solo keyboard works less satisfying, save for the Fugue a Quarte Parties by Roberday. Never heard of the man, but he betters Frescobaldi on this recording. Every track here isn't a perfect gem, but the performances are first-rate, and the delights, many. The last work, a three-track span entitled In Caligine Umbrosa shows off the excellent acoustic used to record the CD, bringing many ensemble players together, including a convincing Jaroussky, expressing a range of emotions in a very convincing, natural way.

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