I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.


He's cute. Even scary. But is he dangerous? Racoon While walking through Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC last week, we came along a crowd of people, cameras out, and I pushed my way in to see what the commotion was about. "This is so dangerous!" I heard a woman caution the crowd... other missives echoed from among the passer-bys, that getting "so close" to a raccoon was dangerous. "Disease!" "Teeth!" "Mayhem!" I'm feeling under the weather at the moment, but I can assure you, we didn't swap spit, nor did I get scratched or bitten. He does look scary. Despite the warnings, about 30 people were closed-in, snapping photos of this raccoon who was on top of a garbage receptacle, foraging for food among the junk. I too snapped a few; I also kept some distance, in case he lunged for the neck or face of a camera-touting tourist. And while I agree, getting too close to nature can be dangerous, because let's face it, some raccoons do carry disease, he did look healthy. And wildlife not in a cage? Is it/was it worth the risk? That's the price we pay, for living in urban centers, with "wildness" screened-out and caged for our "enjoyment." When we encounter the "real thing," we take risks to capture, well, the unusual. Sadly, I didn't encounter bears.

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