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Viaggio Musicale - Il Giardino Armonico

There are certain brands that you learn to trust; a favorite beverage, perfume, or perhaps dishwashing detergent. Right? You find one you like, and you expect the same quality over and over. Il Giardino Armonico are often very trustworthy as entertainers of the highest order, providing excellent recorded programs and a very high-quality of musicianmanship. An excellent example of this is their recording, Viaggio Musicale, which features early Baroque works from Italy. Merula, Castello, Riccio, Marini, Uccellini, etc., all the way back to Fontana. I later procured a DVD which features a number of these works. The sound world employs a variety of continuo (harpsichord, bassoon, lute), and melody instruments familiar and those not (cornetto, various recorders, violins), and that fiesty style that defines an IGA recording. THe recorded sound is close, but when such excellent technical prowess can be enjoyed, why not? They play from the hip, and they have nothing to be embarrassed about. This CD showcases IGA at their best, playing some great music: Marini's Sonata on the theme of La Monica, Castello sonatas (anything I've heard from Dario Castello has been gold), and other gems from Cima and Rossi. Much of the joy I have received from listening to this recording copious times has been from the violin playing, particularly from lead violinist, Enrico Onofri. Both the tongue-in-cheek moments to the times when they clearly are showing off, all is very exciting and moving. The cover depicts tomatoes, cappuccino, and fish, and grapes. Perhaps modern interpretations of Italian cultural artifacts. Inside, the cultural artifacts are richer, engaging, and practically timeless.

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