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I have been whipped...

The biberfan house has been occupied of late, with what you might ask? We bought into the Wii-bug. But we cannot find a Wii to buy. I know I'm not alone, for sure, but how frustrating this is. Today, I hit my limit with 5 stores. No Wiis to be found. And here I thought "Sunday" must be the day... it all started Friday, then Saturday, visiting GameStops, WalMarts, and Target stores. They sure have the games, but where are the consoles? A friend of the Fan of Biber got one some weeks ago at a Target. It played like something rather cool and new, a refreshing experience, for sure. And when you touch an iPhone, you want an iPhone. Wii isn't much different, for that feeling, at least. It's even cheaper than iPhone. ToysRUs promised them in today, but alas, the lady simply reported today: "No, we don't have any." They have remotes, numchucks, steering wheels, oodles of games, and even Wii backpacks. But where is the stupid game? I will say, the quest to get one has been infectious and a curious adventure. But my sense of ability in this game of Wii-dom has come to a quick end, I am afraid. My tired feet can't keep me in the race.

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