I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

Coffee Talk

Many people spoke to me (in person) about the extended rant on the coffee/espresso maker I wrote about earlier. Because this is just, you know, so important, I'll give an update. Tonight, we purchased a special glass container with a pouring spout to collect our extracted espresso. It has no measures on it, but it is better than any other vessel we had on hand, to collect the liquid. We have moved the machine from the dining room to the kitchen. This has facilitated both better clean-up and better use of the machine. Mixing-in some Dulce de leche hot chocolate mix makes for a nice tasting mocha-inspired latté. We found, but did not (yet) purchase, a larger metallic container for milk frothing at Crate & Barrel, with an included thermometer for measuring the milk temperature. This morning, I visited Starbucks, and watched the barista froth up her milk. Lingering issues for me: * amount of cleanup (typical complaint) * amount of espresso extracted from one single pod (must look into double pods, or grind, grind...) * using microwave to pre-heat the milk It makes good strong espresso which has kept me up until 2 AM this morning. I might restrict use to morning hours.

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