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Walther - Hortulus Chelicus

JJ Walther was a German violinist-composer whose music has become a recent focus for David Plantier and his ensemble, alongside the music of Walther's compatriot, von Westhoff. Only a portion of Walther's collection appears on this disc. Plantier and associates sound all the same in verve, quality of recording, and able bodyness as they did with their Westhoff release. Plantier's violin has a beautiful tone. Since I purchased this recording digitally, I am not sure what instrument he plays. It sounds in character close to Manfredo Kraemer's Techler violin from 1704. Walther's music is searching, it seems, for voice, and alongside others in the "mid Baroque." It's that he doesn't sound like other composers that you may know, that his ideas are refreshing. Both Walther and Westhoff were influenced by the Italian innovators, but they write music belongs to the so-called German violin school. Westhoff seems to have been the more gifted composer; but Walther's music still has its moments. With only one listen under my belt, I cannot say anything profound about this release. The playing is well-done, at times sensitive, other times, virtuosic. Walther's music is full of ideas, some more satisfying than others. The music above all is lighter than that of Bach; less exotic than that of the Italians, and earthy, to a point of pleasure.

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