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Les Arts Florissants

Another blast from the past: a concert review from December 6, 2001.

Last night, I had the (rare) opportunity to hear an ensemble I've known about for some time, Les Arts Florissants, directed by William Christie, a Buffalo, NY-born conductor and musicologist. The all-French ensemble presented some major Christmas works by Marc-Antoine Charpentier. I've actually never heard this composer in all my Baroque knowings, but it was all good. The ensemble had a really good intonation, and the presentation was crisp and first-rate. Both instrumentalists and singers were on top-form, and I especially liked the no-vibrato technique by the first-violinist. The concert was held at the University of Richmond. It is always distressing, however, to find the audience at such concerts so old. There was a walker (with training wheels) in the entrance area. Why don't more people my age like this ancient music?

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