I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

Taking Pictures

Sometimes, I get "lost" looking at all the great photos one can find on Flickr. Unlike other sites for sharing photos of your kid's birthday party with relatives, Flickr seems to have a real cadre of quality photographers behind it. This community is about sharing your art, commenting on finds, and learning. It sounds kind of hokey, but that's what I get from what I see and read. Dramatic Trees, Hills Today I took more time outdoors to try my hand with my new camera. It's a little bit too much camera for my current abilities, I feel, but it's something I think I can take far with time and patience. I like this shot the best of those taken today. The three trees appear as one (a rather Christian theme), but all else seems bare, save for some stuff going on in the outer fringes. I guess you could Photoshop those trees out, if you wanted. The perspective changed when I put the camera down closer to the ground. It did an excellent job at picking up the colors of the grass and leaves. The temperature today was about 35 degrees, F. What you miss is the steep angle of the hill. This was taken today at Maymont Park. Beyond the trees lives the big house. To my back, the railroad tracks.


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