I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

January, 1993

Today, technically, is 19 January 2008. Thanks to the fine record keeping of a friend, I can now read a letter I wrote on 15 January, 1993. I am not going to reproduce the note, but I came across several things that I'll put into the form of factual statements. * I was mixing my own custom ink colors for the pen I was using. * I hand-wrote the letter using printing since I really liked to write in "print." * My handwriting style adopted several characters that my Spanish teacher used. Especially, lowercase "y" and "a." * I had been shopping at a music store in Westlake, OH, called My Generation. I purchased a DG Archiv recording of Goebel performing Bach's sonatas for violin and harpsichord. I would re-purchased this set again, in this decade, when I picked up Musica Antiqua Köln's 10-CD collection of the Brandenburgs and "Kammermusik" of Bach. * I ate at Wendy's by myself for lunch. * I went to some store called LDI which sold electronics. I don't remember this store today. * I had just recently received a bootleg copy of Adobe Photoshop 2.0. * I had expressed interest in purchasing speakers for my synthesizer. I wouldn't get anything close to this until I graduated college in 1996. * I note my grandmother set the table for dinner at 4:30 PM. We dined at 6:45 PM. * I report that the concertmaster for the English Concert is now Monica Huggett; Simon Standage has left. This evidently was a temporary move; so slow did news of these ensembles carry into the U.S. Standage had formed his own ensemble in 1990 (Collegium Musicium 90). * I detail reading a book entitled Imposters in the Temple about college professors. * I claim I'd like the benefits outlined in the book, and would like to become a college professor. My friend I was writing today is a college professor. * I say I want my face on CD and book covers. Today, I've done both (albeit, my face was not on the cover of the book, but inside). * I ask my friend and his roommate to listen to the music of Antonio Vivaldi. I write the composer's name in cursive, similarly to the way the composer signed his own name.

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