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Philadelphia Museum

I recently travelled to Philadelphia by car. It wasn't so bad, making the trek from Richmond. We went there to visit a friend who is leaving the country soon. While there, I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Views around the Musuem of Art We spent the better part of the day there. On a previous visit to the city, I saw the Rodin museum. Views around the Musuem of Art I didn't take my camera inside. What's unique about Philadelphia is the "settings" they put around the art. You see Chinese art around the ruins of a Chinese temple building. You see bamboo and tea houses among the Japanese art. And you can see the interior of a French home with French art. It was very different. I felt the PMoA seemed to spend more money on later works than earlier ones. Their showcase piece is a blue Cezanne. They have several important Picassos. Lots of Jasper Johns. Marcel Duchamp. I enjoyed my visit; we went on "pay what you like Sunday" which meant the scene was very busy. Views around the Musuem of Art On the outside, I was taken away by the painted architectural details. The trip was further highlighted by dinner at 10Arts by Eric Ripert. A review should be coming shortly. Ritz Carlton Philadelphia

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