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I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

So your friend is moving?

My friend wrote me that her close friend is moving. She didn't say she was sad, but I know she is disappointed. But, now her friend will be closer to family.

This is what I wrote. I thought it would make an interesting blog post.

That's too bad. Friends moving away is bad. I managed to sit out on the deck for 35 minutes today. I hate the outdoors, but today was the prime today to soak in the sunlight. I read a few chapters of Steingarten. When I read him I wish I could be a food writer. I have too many blogs that now all lack passion. I tried to split a giant chicken breast into 2. Then I pulled out the scale. 7.25 oz vs. 3.75 oz. That isn't "in half." So, I cut the big one in two again. 4.25 oz. Okay. So, now I have chicken for three. I have determined through much reading that I live in a too-sparse area. Seemingly not, if you look around, there are many homes here, but not a one around the neighborhood is a friend. I was reading some blog where the woman calls up a bunch of friends and they come over to eat her latest creations. Or you go to borrow something "Can I borrow some sugar?" We used to have a neighbor when I was growing up that did that. The Jewish folks next door are the closest we have to a neighbor - we've actually gone to their door, and last weekend they offered us to use their blower for leaves. But no one is inviting the other to dinner, etc. That lady at work asked me a couple months ago why I didn't live in the fan. "Isn't that a better place to live for you guys?" Perhaps it would be. If we walked out and socialized. There are some folks who are natural socializers and those who claim they are not - and are happy in their isolation. And still others surround themselves with enough family that outsiders are not as significant. X. S. asked me today (because there are more restaurants there, not good reasoning) if I wanted to move to Washington. "We'd have to seriously downsize if you want to live near the city." But I often long to live someplace where you can walk outside and get someplace without getting in a car, whether it's a store, a 7/11 or a friend's house. Most people bounce back once they re-locate. It can be an opportunity to drop old habits and start fresh. But if you're the one not moving but staying behind, it's hard to slice it any other way than sad. I have a good friend in Minnesota but I have never visited him. I can't imagine why anyone would fancy living there. They've got lakes, though. Can you tell I'm procrastinating? I sat down at the computer to do work. I just came up from the kitchen where I began soaking my chicken in milk. I hear it tenderizes fish and veal but I've never tried it with chicken. I'm making panko-crumb/parmesan breaded chicken breast with a squeeze of lemon and a mushroom risotto. I'd invite you to try some if you lived down the street. Instead, I'll just get an odd question about why I cut it into three pieces instead of two. Now everyone knows.

The Music of Gabrieli

Bach Kantaten BWV 12, 78, 150