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Biber: Un Carnevale

Biber: Un Carnevale a Kremsier is an album by Ars Antiqua Austria which I haven't listened to especially much, likely because it isn't the choicest set of Biber's music. That's not to say it isn't colorful. The leader Gunar Letzbor previously did a great Mystery/Rosary set, his pedigree established earlier with Musica Antiqua, Köln. Among the more interesting of the 24 tracks are the sets of Balletti, which colorful additions to strings, such as a bell. Another work found in other collections includes the so-called Balletti Lamentabilli in four parts. The performance here is solemn, likely written for an occasion that you'd rather not repeat. Sorry, I've found this piece a little snoozy. Likely the most interesting works are the Harmonia Romana and the Trombet-undt Musicalischer Taffeldienst. These multi-movement works in a somewhat "phantastic" style don't rival Biber's Mesa Sonora collection, yet they're not far from that sound world. Speaking of "table music," the music takes on an almost renaissance flair when the strident color of recorder enters the picture. And then you'll wonder who's drunk when the "Nightwatchman's" song comes out of the woodwork. The aesthetic here is for sure of a drunkard. While I prefer the rendition by Musica Antiqua Köln on their Scherzi Musicale album, this one is good too. This disc may not be an essential unless you're a real fan of Biber. If that's the case, the folks here don't do much wrong. It's simply that this isn't Biber's most engaging music.

Tartini: Sonate a violino

Alexandre Tharaud - Rameau