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Italian Flute Concertos

This recording by Musica ad Rhenum featuring Jed Wentz features the composers Vivaldi, Ferrandini, Albinoni, Galuppi, Tartini, and Giordani. A rather interesting mix, for sure; all Italian. Using baroque instruments, the ensemble gives us a survey of (likely) their Italian favorites. All of the concertos follow the Vivaldian 3-movement form. I am betting most folks won't know these works. Even the Vivaldi work was unfamiliar to me, not belonging to his op. 10 or other collections. The recording is good, there isn't terribly much separation between soloist and ensemble, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Each concerto is played with sensitivity using a small number of forces. Fast tempi are fast, Probably my favorite work is the Galuppi, being set in a minor key. The concerto opens on the D minor triad and goes about the standard structure. What makes it interesting is the addition of a second flute, and the natural pauses of affekt that the ensemble takes. It reminds of me of another favorite flute concerto in some ways, that one of by Blavet in its harmonic language. In all, this CD has great performances of a number of obscure baroque flute works from Italian composers. Fresh air, for sure, and an ever deeper understanding of the musical language active from 1715 on.

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