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Satiny Skin without Wrinkles

One morning eating breakfast (tropical fruits and French pastries), I was reading one of the Hawaiian newspapers. In it was an article from a woman who evidently writes for the local paper. I believe she lived in Honolulu. But that doesn't matter. She was writing a light piece for women, evidently, but I took to reading it. It was her discovery, by way of an old woman, about a beauty secret. In involved olive oil and sugar. She claimed that she'd been doing it now three times a week to her face. You take a tablespoon or less of EVOO and 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar. She confessed to using powered sugar because she has sensitive skin, which then led me to believe she was getting no benefit from the sugar at all. And what kind of writer wouldn't have tested this out on more people? But I digress... you can either make a paste of these two common kitchen ingredients, or put the sugar on after the oil. You rub them into your face. The OO moisturizes your skin, and according to this woman, the types of molecules in EVOO help ease wrinkles in the skin. The sugar exfoliates your skin. Then, after leaving it on for a short while, you rinse your face with warm water and a mild soap. So I gave it a try. I know I have to do it twice more before I can attest to the beneficial effects. The sugar wasn't too scratchy, and the oil gave me the sensation I was too messy at the local Italian place I like where you dip your ciabatta in EVOO and salt. But, my face is smooth, and as the woman said in the piece, this treatment is cheaper than expensive creams for sale with French labels.

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