I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

Lute Music by Neusidler

Paul O'Dette records the music of Hans Neusidler on Harmonia Mundi. I bought this recording more for the performer than the composer, a virtual unknown to most folks... this is specialist's music, for sure, from a composer born in the early 1500s. The instrument used is clear and clean, the music, simple, with that rather identifiable harmony that breathes "renaissance." This is a collection of songs and dances, When I was an undergraduate, Mr. O'Dette was invited to our music history course to play for us. It was a real treat; I remember him playing from a number of different pieces in a 3-ring binder. He was a heavy breather, an affective performer who oft moved, following the line, it seemed, of the music. Having already owned his Kapsberger recording, I thought I'd like this too. Neusidler is no Kapsberger, and while the recording is pristine, the musical ideas are simply not arresting enough to demand our focused attention. Best to take these pieces a few at a time, or else allow them the role of a sonorous curtain as you dine a simple meal. I'm not sure if Professor O'Dette played any Neusidler during that class; the style is surely apropos for my fading memory.

Vivaldi: Sonatas for Dresden

Biber by Bismuth