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Telemann Wind Concerti

MAK Telemann Musica Antiqua Köln record wind concertos by Telemann, (p) DG Archiv This is by no means a new recording, one I picked up in he mid-nineties, and recorded probably in the late 1980s. However, it has recently appeared at discount on Archiv's Blue label, so it might be of interest to you, still. This is classic MAK. The recording is clear, the ensemble is not too large; the style, panache, and technical superiority of the ensemble oozes from every sample you may take from the recording. We are treated to a variety of instruments, including flute, trumpet, violin, and even two chalameaux. This disc is a concert showing off Telemann's variety, and the fruits of his labor. These are each choice concertos, and even compared to later MAK recordings, this stands out for its supreme attention to detail. Goebel's violin tone is most good, with that rare, gentle sweetness that can only be described as rich tone. What happy things are going on in the concerto in B-flat for two oboes and strings? I don't think you could play a song like this, without smiling. Ok, it's a concerto, but it feels like a sunny day song. Going from track to track, I do notice a difference between the sound quality in different takes. If you settle on each work by itself, no problem. But, if you skip around, the difference in sound quality (read: placement of mikes) may jar when using headphones. There are two D-major trumpet concertos: the last one on disc is the best, it's for violin and trumpet. The last movement is a favorite; Goebel's playing is pure delight, and Freidemann Immer does a nice job on the trumpet, to boot. All around, an engaging recital with choice works from Telemann's large oeuvre.

Originally published in July, 2005.

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