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Tausend Gülden - Music of Antonio Bertali

#alttext# The FBO has a smaller chamber ensemble that's been called, on recordings, "The FBO Consort," and I recently purchased their recording of music by Antonio Bertali, featuring sonatas from the Habsburg Court. The music isn't terribly different from other Austrian composers of the era, among them, I'm including Biber and Schmelzer. The music of Bertali is less virtuosic, at least what's presented here. Among the works on this album are sonatas for multiple strings (sonatas a2, a8, a6, etc.). The most famous work, perhaps the only one you've heard before by Bertali, is his ciaconna in C. Their rendition of the ciaconna starts with lute, add cello, harpsichord, and then that solo violin comes in. It's perhaps not as well-done as the version seen here before, but there's nothing wrong with it, either. (Other versions have been recorded by John Holloway and Manfredo Kraemer). Technically, these sonatas are well-done, with a live acoustic, but plenty of recorded detail to capture the clean playing by the FBO Consort. The music, while representative of the period, likely isn't up to the interest found in earlier FBO consort recordings on DHM of Biber's and Muffat's music. However, if you're looking for more of Bertali, this edition is ripe for sampling. Visit this recording on Amazon, and when purchased, help support biberfan.org: Tausend Gülden: Sonatas from the Habsburg Court

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Telemann: Essercizii Musici