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Busoni Chaconne

#alttext# Back in May of 2009, I reviewed the reading of Bach's Goldberg Variations by Dong-Hyek Lim. There's one piece on this recording I often find myself returning to, a real emotion-gusher, and I in reviewing my earlier notes, I failed to even acknowledge this piece. The finale on the recording is Busoni's transcription of Bach's famous violin Ciaconne. It's superbly done. Ferruccio Busoni (d. 1924) is the Italian who not only transcribed this work, but several others by Bach. Yes, there is an overly Romantic quality to the music, and while this may be "inauthentic", we have to remember this isn't Bach. It's a transcription of Bach... a re-working, a new interpretation. And if you know the Bach piece well, then the this new version is a real treat. The piece is a real showman's piece, and the precision Lim brought to his reading of the Variations Goldberg is put to good use here. Too, emotional extremes are explored, with colors both sparkling and muted, although in a few of the slower, darker sections, I could have even used less volume. The piece is about 16 minutes, and while the CD's main feature once again is BWV 988, I would recommend the recording alone on this one, more modern interpretation, of Bach on the piano. Check out Mr. Lim on You Tube, with some videos featuring him playing Bach.

Favorite Albums Acquired - 2010

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