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Dumbarton Oaks

Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks This past weekend I visited the grounds of what's called Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC, up the hill a bit along Wisconsin Avenue. This estate is owned by Harvard University and the grounds are beautiful. I first became aquatinted with the name DO back in my college days, for Igor Stravinsky wrote a "neo-classical" concerto called Dumbarton Oaks for orchestra, modeled somewhat after Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. You can read a more detailed account here, about the concerto). Interesting, I think, is that the piece was a commission piece to celebrate an anniversary, and that Nadia Boulanger conducted the premier! Immediately upon seeing the place, I knew I'd be happy living there. Great architecture and again, beautiful gardens. Here's part of the façade of the greenhouse, I believe. Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks I love here how the sun was captured here by my Sigma wide-angle lens... it's an overused effect, but nice, I think, when our eye goes up a path. Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks This was a nice, quiet green space, which would have been awesome for enjoying a book for an afternoon. Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks And beyond the delicious colors, another nook for enjoying the evening, perhaps... Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks Another area, which deserves more pixel space, is this one, shot from afar, with the most whimsical creations made from vines. Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks This area can also be filled with water, which I'm sad I missed. Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks And from above: Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks This is the rose garden, which should be ready later this year: Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks And finally, this is another awesome quiet place, with the canopy of a very old and strong tree. Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks You can always imagine that dinner is waiting for you at the house, after your stroll... Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks Located off Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, you'll find the entrance to the gardens along R street. Learn more at their website. $8 for adults. Scenes - Dumbarton Oaks

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