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L'ange et le diable

#alttext# The Rare Fruits Council performs works by Locatelli and Jean-Marie Leclair, (p) 2001 Astrée Naive Was Leclair an angel and Locatelli a devil? All is settled in this release by the Rare Fruits Council, featuring the violin playing of Manfredo Kraemer and Pablo Valetti. Unique (perhaps) to this recording is the combination of three David Techler instruments. Also, our two violinists are very well matched in style and tone. Sympathetic playing of works by a French and Italian master of the late baroque. Sympathetic continuo with harpsichord, cello, organ, and lute also add to the richness of the collection. Dymnamic contrasts here abound, and I only wish the recording quality was a bit better. I think in the end, I prefer Leclair. The Leclair sonata for solo violin which closes the disc in E minor is… stunning. A masterwork and tour de force for the soloist in the faster movements. Thankfully, Leclair gave us 5 movements. The opening slow movement, the next Allegro ma poco, it’s all a rare gem. I feel it gives an unfair advantage to Leclair in this proposed contest. Very, very fine playing Manfredo Kraemer as soloist. That's what I wrote back in January of 2003. On this May evening in 2011, I find myself returning to this music, listening albeit on a nicer system than I had back in 2003. Nowadays, I find myself doing directly for that last sonata by Leclair in E-minor that I found previously, stunning. The quality of the music is indeed high, but better yet, is the treatment of the music. The slow movement is solo violin and lute. Then in the fast movement, everything comes out, loud and raucous. I can't recommend this release enough. I'm only sad there's been little else from the Rare Fruits in several years. This was a chamber ensemble with great chops and a special artistic direciton.

Jarrett: La Scala

Maximizing your Time