I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

It wasn't always about music...

My website hasn't always been about music, although, since hosting it back in 1998, I have been a fan of Biber. Evidently, I followed a trend of publishing humorous or apropos instant messenger chats. #alttext# Sometimes I wrote about food. In this case, a turnip cake that I drenched in hot oil and soy sauce. #alttext# And sometimes the chats were posted because they took an off-color, like a baby cow's easter suit. #alttext# Of course, if you were writing websites by hand in the late 1990s, you were frequently "updating your site," learning new techniques using HTML and graphics as you did. This was pre-CSS. #alttext# And sometimes I made fun of Microsoft, like in this photo, where they stole the look of Mac OS X aqua buttons, seemingly, because it was cool. #alttext# Sometimes the posts got musical, actually, like in this one, where I had posted a video of me conducting... #alttext# At one point, I found reason to include a duck in the look and feel of the site, which may have been better suited towards a company website where they sell rain slickers. #alttext# And for some reason, I had the bad idea of showing people how messy my desk was... .#alttext# But the writing was always a little off-the-wall, here, for example, in my March, 2002 post, comparing the ornamentation in Vivaldi opera to oily Indonsesian coffee.

Amid the fleet of missing items from my work area at home (Vivaldi DVD, cell phone, etc.), I am looking forward to reviewing, soon, a new CD entitled “The Vivaldi Album” by Grammy-award winning opera star, Ceclia Bartoli. I first enjoyed the DVD of her Vivaldi arias with Il Giardino Armonico, however, the new CD offers a better edition of the aria entitled di Due Rai Languir Costante, which features a duet for sopranino recorders. The ornamentation is so rich, it’s like oily Indonesian coffee (that’s a good thing) with an overflow of rich cream sitting on top. And yet some of what I wrote, like this from November, 2000, is shocking: Oh buddy, what a discovery! I bought a big tub of Brummel & Brown spread, an imitation butter spread made with yogurt. While my saying is always “Butter Makes it Better,” I never have tried this Brummel & Brown. What a smash! It’s SO tasty on bread. It spreads smooth like a butter cream, and it’s so good. One could eat the entire tub! Go out, get some, and spread it on Thick! Yum, yum, yum I never did again buy that imitation butter. It must not have been that good. Thanks for entertaining my stroll down memory lane. Next time, I do promise, a review.

Il Giardino del piacere: Letzte Aufnahme

Jarrett: La Scala