I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

Da Plane!

Plane over NYC I hope you forgive me in sharing some of my favorite photos from my trip to New York. For Christmas, I received a new lens, and I really enjoyed seeing a lot of different things in the city, many ripe for photographing. I also really enjoyed editing on my iPad using Snapseed. It's an awesome app for editing photos — I import them using the Apple Connection Kit from my EOS 5D Mark II. The app has a direct-to-Flickr export option, but sometimes it "times out." This is one I cropped, sharpened, and flipped in the app before uploading. Take a look full size (via Flickr; click above). You'll see some noise full size that's likely due to the sharpening I added. But sized-down to 50% or less, it looks pretty good with what I perceive as a grain effect which I'm happy with. This plane was flying overhead pretty fast over the Empire State Building. I looked up, zoomed around with the new lens, and shot off a few frames. I chose this one, and flipped it 90 degrees so the logo was readable from left to right. I'm fond of it simply because you can make out the airline name and that I had a lens with me (finally) that could actually capture something with such detail from so far away.

Eat at Joe's

Finding Music in NYC