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Impressions from Lufthansa Baroque Festival 2012

Lufthansa I used to read Early Music in college. Ostensibly, in the back of such a journal, would be advertisements for harpsichord builders or music festivals, such as the Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music for both I'd pine. This year my dream came true. I got to go to the festival. IMG 4689 We saw two ensembles between a lecture by Andrew Manze. The first was by Ensemble Meridiana on 20 May. Their program focused on pieces by Telemann, at least my favorites. This young, international ensemble was good; almost every aspect of their performance was both fresh and lacking flaws. Only in one piece, where the violin takes on an especially robust part, did the pH turn… but it was a minor quibble to an outstanding effort and I enjoyed them a lot! The evening concert was from the likes of Musica ad Rhenum, featuring director Jed Wentz on flute with a French program, focused on Couperin. Polish was the name of this game… they were joined by Andréanne Paquin, who was fine, but the real star were the instrumental pieces, Apotheoses, Nations, and more. What was even more fulfilling was seeing Andrew Manze, sitting in St. John's, Smith Square, and experiencing something I'd been thinking about for years. IMG 7348 It brought back memories of visiting the Wigmore Hall in 1995, and the Barbican on the same visit, with Trevor Pinnock conducting. IMG 3004 I hate to admit it, but attending these concerts was a tad bit surreal. At one point I was glad that these concerts were really no different than those we have here, back home. Aside from the generous selection of excellent music was the realization that I was in a special place - a coveted place. A place, for me, that had been part of a dream for so long. I wondered, for just a moment, if I hadn't made a mistake, as if given the opportunity, I shouldn't be living there, right there, in London, or some other cultural, European center where "festivals of baroque music" were the norm. I think I'll look forward to other music festivals in the future. Here's one to knock off the list, at least for now. In the very least, I can admit and authentically declare that I've been to St. John's, Smith Square, the venue for so many concerts and shows. What's next no one knows!

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