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I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Screen Shot 2012 09 04 at 12 09 15 AM I just watched this film via Netflix; I was in New York City last fall when it just come out. We had several choices to make at an art film house, and we chose Mr. Lazar instead, which I enjoyed. This was an excellent film, too. It's a documentary, for sure, but it's centered around telling a story. The story is a simple one, but the interesting part are the life lessons Jiro, the 85 year old sushi chef has learned, and the other part is his philosophy of life. With what meager beginnings he had, you wonder where he got so smart. I identified with his desire for perfectionism and his drive for work in the ideas brought back by Steve Jobs from his own visits to Japan and study of Buddhism. Isaacson probably more than other authors made the connections between Jobs and Japan in his book. Whether the connections were direct or coincidental, there's definitely some of Steve Jobs's drive for perfection to be viewed through this humble man who strives to make the best fish and rice he can. The impact he's had on his own family and others is profound. And that's what made it such as great film: It wasn't the filmmakers that deserve credit here, it's the real-life players we had the privilege to observe doing what they enjoy. This could likely go into my food blog, but this isn't the first time I've wrote about a movie here. I found this so enjoyable because there's a lesson for me, I know, in this film.

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