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Tutti flauti

Screen Shot 2012 10 28 at 12 23 07 AM Arion is Canadian ensemble that has invited a number of well-known Baroque specialists to lead them from time to time. In this recording featuring "flutes" in works by Georg Philip Telemann, gambist Jaap ter Linden leads. 1. Concerto for 2 flutes in e, TWV 53:e1, 2. Concerto for Recorder, gamba in a, TWV 52:a1, 3. Concerto for Recorder in F, TWV 51:F1, 4. Concerto for 2 Flutes, Calchedon in b, TWV 53:h1, 5. Concerto for 2 Records in B-flat TWV 52:B1, and 6. Concerto for Recorder and Flute in e, TWV 52:e1. As with me, some of these works may already be familiar, such as the double concerto for viola da gamba and recorder in A minor. I have multiple readings of the work. The same goes for the final concerto, in E minor for flute and recorder. The recording made here is very live, especially so for the orchestral forces, changing the balance profile with which you're familiar. Compared to Musica Antiqua Köln, for instance, who have recorded the E-minor work, the sound of the instruments has far more vertical space, which emphasizes the orchestration in different ways. I can't say one is superior to the other, there's plenty to enjoy in recording like this with different acoustic properties that both "work." The flute and recorder playing is first rate. Some of it, be sure, is by Arion's resident Montreal-based flautist, Matteis Mauté. The B-flat work is the weakest on the recording, yet you can't help but admire the two soloists with strong support in the basso continuo. The ensemble matches the virtuosity with ample drama. Arion isn't coming across as "edgier" than my favorite Italian ensembles, but they've got plenty of character to compete well against several well-known British ensembles. Smart choices in tempo throughout, and fun, virtuosic contributions from the "flauti" make this a really strong disc of Telemann concerti.

Knee Play no. 2

Ayrs (for the violin)