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The Unknown Handel

Screen Shot 2012 11 07 at 10 57 38 PM Handel's ability at writing concerti and instrumental sonatas leaves us a lot to admire. In The Unknown Handel, Jed Wentz and company bring to us a collection of Handel's "concerti" for winds (HWV 399, 404, 288, 287, 339, 390b). There's some "arranging" going on, and not all of the pieces are known specifically as "concerti," but what remains are some solidly-wrought pieces. It wouldn't be surprising that the transverse flute plays a major role in this CD. The performances all take on quick tempi in the fast movements; none of the slow ones linger for too long, either. I am not impressed with the sound quality, overall, it sounds "compressed." I purchased this from Amazon's MP3 store; who knows, that could be a part of the problem. Headphones adds something to the listening experience. Yet, the musicians here are in top-form. I therefore recommend this release if you've liked any of this composer's "Concerti Grossi" for strings (op. 3, op. 6), but want to try something for the color of wind instruments. You no doubt may recognize a few of the tracks (HWV 287 is built upon an organ concerto), but my guess is that many of the tracks are indeed new to you, too. Interestingly, they include one of Telemann's Concerti a Quattro. Since I didn't buy the recording with liner notes, I am not sure why, but it's a nice little folly away from all the other Handel.

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