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Good Will Hunting

GWH Via Digg, I came across this article from Boston Magazine about the 1997 movie, Good Will Hunting. I knew a lot about the movie, without ever seeing it. I knew it was Affleck and Damon's breakthrough into the movie business, but the article had a lot to say to pique my interest. So I watched it tonight. It had that kind of "real life" story feel to it, although it wasn't a real-life story. But then again, the location was close enough for the writers and actors involved to make it feel real, I think. I honestly didn't think Affleck was that good in the film; he didn't even come across as good looking. Damon probably hasn't looked as good, since this movie. The Wikipedia lists the numerous awards for which this movie was nominated. It was fun to watch this after seeing Damon star in so many higher-budget films over the past decade. But the article goes beyond the film in sharing a story of luck and success that seems far removed from most of our lives. But the writing project Affleck and Damon both worked on set the stage, really, for the rest of their careers. That passion for the project pushed them hard, I am guessing, and they pushed hard to get it made into a film once others were paying attention. I know low-budget films are produced often without the rise in fame and stardom these two have enjoyed. As the adage goes, success comes to those who follow their passion and do what they do well. But I couldn't help but reflect on the importance of giving young people opportunities for projects like these that can go beyond the classroom and extend into the real world. You'll find soon enough, given the chance, whether this is really your passion, or if you're good at doing it.

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