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J.S. Bach Foundation

Often on Twitter I am reminded that a new recording of a Bach cantata is available, and I can go and view an excerpt (usually one movement) on YouTube from the J.S. Bach Foundation in St. Gallen. Mr. Van Veen wrote earlier this year about the project from his perspective, which I found enlightening.

When I consider that this ongoing project and that of the Netherlands Bach Society is taking place simultaneously, it's a pretty good time to be a fan of Bach's music. That said, finding new recordings of any baroque music today is very limited. It seems to me that these efforts are a reaction to how classical music in general is poised to survive going forward in the age of streaming music and a catalog, that on the surface, looks full of already-fine choices.

Van Veen already pointed out that we have several full cycles of Bach cantatas on record, even those on period instruments with a historical approach. His point is well taken about what consumers might want, however, in the future, which leaves for me, room for far more recordings using video technology.

Recordings are expensive, but recordings captured in surround sound in HD with multiple camera angles, subtitles, and background interviews, etc., is really expensive I can only imagine. That the Netherlands Bach Society is carrying off the quality they do, surprises me.

In any effort, the lifeblood of innovation in performance comes from live concerts. Too often when I go in my neck of the woods, I am one of few people in the audience with dark hair on my head. It could be culturally who likes this music, but it might also be who can afford it. "Time" is also a factor. But no matter what new ideas we have about how to evolve the careers of professional musicians of music of dead composers, live performance will always be the mainstay of their being, rightfully so. If you love this music like I do - from any composer - especially those living - we have to get out of the house, silence the lives on our phones, and listen.

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