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New Albums: Corelli, Vivaldi

I recently picked up several new albums via Amazon and their Mp3 store. All feature some of the same artists: Vivaldi L'estro armonico and Corelli op. 5 sonatas. While both are enjoyable, in their own way fresh air comes to mind, the Corelli especially is ripe for its excellent recording, not to mention the abundance of violin flourishes that one simply doesn't find elsewhere. This is real baroque playing, complete with passion and to my ear, an authentic Italian flavor. While I have come to love Manze's recording with Egarr (especially so, because of Mr. Egarr's playing), this one is an ever-capable companion, all the equal, if not beyond. The Vivaldi is a collection I received likely as one of the first recordings on CD ever -- Trevor Pinnock and The English Concert. I loved everyone of those Vivaldi concertos, each one strong in character, ripe in invention. Then came Mr. Biondi and his own case of "fresh air" with Europa Galante. This latest addition to my collection isn't as "safe" as the Pinnock, nor as "fast" as the Biondi, but is ripe with flavor like a good recipe can be at a finer restaurant. With such ugly CD covers, I may have not otherwise ever tried these. Thanks to Amazon and their willingness to allow us to sample.

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