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Vicky, Christina, Barcelona

I am not sure the title of the movie Vicky, Christina, Barcelona deserves commas, but I saw it today. It's kind of a not so important movie, but it was entertaining in an insignificant way. Young adult wealthy girls go to Spain for the "summer," and situations of love ensue. At the end, they leave, somewhat changed, but not entirely much so. It was good, but I am not sure why. There were some visual sights, a little food, wine, etc., but nothing so much that you'd say it was a film that emphasized any one thing. Not too much scenery, wine, etc. But the Amateur Gourmet couldn't stop his hunger for Spanish wine after seeing the film. Didn't get that. I was only thirsty from too much salt on my popcorn.

New Albums: Corelli, Vivaldi

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