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Ignazio Albertini: Sonates

I recently picked up the recording by Hélène Schmitt of Ignacio Albertini's sonatas for violin and continuo (Alpha). Both the composer and performer here were new to me. I had received a recommendation for this recording some time ago from a fellow baroque enthusiast. It just became available via Amazon MP3. I was shocked, frankly, at first listen: the style and motifs are very Biber-esque. It's as if this was Biber, or better (because the sonatas are probably one notch less interesting), rip-offs of Biber. This is not to say it's bad music. The opposite, really. One can hear the influence of Schmelzer and Biber on Albertini's style. Schmitt and Company do a good job at the works. A varied continuo is used (favorites, are theorbo and organ) and Schmitt has a delicious, fat tone. There's drive and panache in her style. While she does ornament, it's never over-done, and intonation is satisfyingly good. The recording includes 10 sonatas for violin and continuo, not to mention several solos by other composers for single continuo instruments. Altogether, a very nice recording. Acoustic and sound quality is also very agreeable.

Telemann - Il giardino Armonico