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A Visit to the Jefferson

Scenes, Jefferson Memorial The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D. C. is a pain to get to... it's far from the mall, and the path isn't so well marked on getting there. To add insult to the walk, construction currently taking place requires extra-special walking around the back of the monument to snake around to gain entrance at the front. I haven't been here since the 8th grade when our class from Learwood Middle School visited (it was a memorable trip, which included Williamsburg, VA. In retrospect, I am wondering why the Greco-Roman architecture was chosen for these monuments in good measure. I can see the relationship to Jefferson who admired the classic forms, but these are replicated in other Washingtonian buildings. It's also a statement that we (as Americans) could be as elegant as the Europeans. The culture to support this, however, is still developing. Some more photos: Scenes, Jefferson Memorial Too bad they didn't include an oculus! XS commented on there being too many columns. I disagree. Scenes, Jefferson Memorial And from afar, the tidal basin with the memorial on the left. Tidal Basin

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