I love music.

I write about the music I like and have purchased for the benefit of better understanding it and sharing my preferences with others.

Two New CDs...

2new cds On January 15, 1993, I sent this letter to my friend in college; he was in Ohio, and I was in Rochester, NY. He sent me copies of almost every letter I sent him last year, and I am now just getting around to reviewing them. There are 151 in total, and they paint a very interesting picture for me. It's like a secret biographer has written a book about you, and I notice things about myself then that are still with me now. For instance, in February of '93, I suffered a significant hypoglycemic attack after exercising too heavily by running in the gym. I remember I had been putting on weight and wanted to run to take it off. This was 1993. I weighed around 150 pounds. Crazy, I know. I still remember that night. It was awful. But all the details are in the letter! What I ate when I came back; how I felt nautilus, and what my blood sugar was in the morning. I am thankful I wrote the letters and doubly so that my good friend kept them. Anyhow, the one I copied above was actually written-out, and addressed to my friends who were roommates. I mentioned a new violinist/conductor I discovered. Like anyone needs proof that I'm a long-time fan of Herr Goebel.

The Stingers

Concerts avec plusieurs instruments - volume VI